Activision Says to Stay Tuned for More Wii U Games, Hints at Black Ops III

It’s no secret that Call of Duty games don’t exactly do great on Nintendo platforms. They’re statistically the quickest to drop in price (and can often be had for half or even a third of the price of their Sony/Microsoft brethren just months after release) and from the online infrastructure to unconventional controllers, not much about Wii U lend itself well to the series. Even still, the series was still making its way to Nintendo platforms until last year’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare skipped them.

While this had no effect on many gamers, devoted Wii U players were understandably upset. The announcement of the upcoming Black Ops III — the predecessor of which was released on Wii U — brought some hope the series could be returning to Nintendo’s current-gen console. Sadly, however, Activision has been mum on the subject. The addition of a way to register Nintendo IDs on the official Call of Duty site, however, made some so hopeful for a Black Ops III Wii U edition that many have been bombarding Actvision with the question.

Activision today responded, stating “Hey there. Stay tuned for more Wii U releases. ^DL”

In response to this tweet, it was asked “is this real, are is the wii u getting a new cod or u jst messing with us? to which Activision responded “Don’t have info on future/nonexistent/unreleased titles, thank you for your interest”:

The use of “nonexistent” sandwiched in between the response makes it seems to be a bit of a mixed signal, but at the very least the publisher does seem to be committed to bringing more titles to the platform.