Celebrate Plants vs. Zombies Birthdayz as it Turns 6

Today is the 6th anniversary of one of EA’s biggest franchises– Plants vs. Zombies. This botanical, brain-bashing series debuted on May 5, 2009 and in the time since, it’s grown more and more popular. Though some free-to-play mechanics have received backlash, all of the games in the series have received high praise and great scores.

Since its birthday is being celebrated, Plants vs. Zombies 2 wants to give you some gifts for your continued patronage. In a little goodie bag granted to players you’ll get free gems, party hats and more from now until May 14. Here are all the official details of the Birthdayz celebration:

·A free World Key for all players
·10 Day Birthdayz event from May 5 – 14 featuring Guaranteed Gems with every win and 5 Limited-time collectible costumes: party hats for Cabbage-pult and Lightning Reed, bow ties on Bonk Choy, Kernel-pult’s blowout and cupcakes on Snapdragon’s head, all available to win through May 14.
·Entries in players’ Travel Logs will display recommended destinations you may have missed.
·Plants vs. Zombies is also thrilled to be launching the Double Super Extreme Challenge Game Show. In the first episode watch Zack Scott go head to head with Phil Bolus (Product Manager at PopCap Games) in the first challenge and stay tuned for more on YouTube.