Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragonslayer DLC Now Available

Hardcore Gamer’s Game of the Year for 2014 may have come and gone, but BioWare is still working hard to bring the best possible experience to players. The Canadian-based developer released its first major DLC a little over a month ago in the form of Jaws of Hakkon, but while PlayStation and Xbox 360 owners have to wait until the end of the month to dig their teeth into that, BioWare has a little surprise for those who put time in multiplayer.

BioWare and EA Games have released the Dragonslayer Multiplayer Expansion and Black Emporium for download right now. The Dragonslayer DLC gives players more epic dragon battles in multiplayer sessions, not to mention three new playable characters. The Black Emporium on the other hand is for your Inquisitor, opening up new stores and character modifications. Both of these pieces of DLC are available right now for absolutely no cost.