Mortal Kombat X PC Patch Wipes Saved Data

The latest patch for the much-maligned PC port of Mortal Kombat X — a version that was so broken that it actually would not boot on launch day — dropped today and wiped out all the save data of anyone unlucky enough to download it. The patch, clocking in at 15GB, was meant to fix a litany of issues players have been reporting with the version of the game, but instead erased all save data for anyone who installed it.

High Voltage Software, the studio responsible for the port of NetherRealm Studios’ game, has pulled the patch and posted this message in the Steam forums:

We are temporarily removing the patch until we can pinpoint the cause of save data loss. We are actively working on this and will keep everyone posted as we work towards a fix. We sincerely apologize for this disruption.

In what can only be described as a hilarious moment of irony, the patch that wiped player saves was actually meant to add a “save data safety check to try to eliminate save data loss.”