Threes Removed From Google Play Over Competitor’s Keyword

The mobile puzzle game Threes has experienced its share of clones after taking the mobile crowd by storm, but the most recent controversy has caused the game’s removal from the Google Play Store.

According to a recent tweet by Asher Vollmer, creator of the acclaimed mobile title, Threes was removed from the Google Play store. The reason? Using the name of a similar game called 2048.

In using “2048” as a keyword for online searches, Vollmer and his team were accused of “keyword stuffing”, which means adding various keywords that might not have anything to do with the product, making it easier to search for. 2048 is a competing product to Threes.

The heart of the controversy is that 2048 is extremely similar to¬†Threes. It¬†was actually released¬†after Threes and there’s plenty of murkiness regarding whether 2048 was a direct clone of Threes and 2048’s resulting success over Threes.

Either way, Threes is no longer on the Google Play store, but can be purchased at other online stores like Amazon.