The Music Machine Creeps onto Steam Today

Developer David Szymanski has a very unique style of adventure game. Their previous game, The Moon Sliver, cast a light on a dying island population with a hint of the paranormal. In The Music Machine, things might be even darker.

The game stars a 13 year old by the name of Haley who is possessed by the ghost of her old friend Quintin. Well, maybe friend isn’t the right word anymore, as Quintin is attempting to orchestrate the gruesome death of his host. Interestingly, The Music Machine expands on The Moon Sliver’s plot, but you don’t need to play that first to enjoy the frightening atmosphere.

You can buy The Music Machine at the discounted price of $4.79 until May 13. If you’d like to get a bundle with it and The Moon Sliver then that’ll cost $6.39 instead.