The Pokémon Company Earned $2 Billion in Sales During 2014

From toys and games to cards and music, Pokémon has got it all. Today, the Pokémon Company International revealed its total earnings for the 2014 business year. In a list of 150 companies and businesses by License! Global, Pokémon placed 34th with a total earnings of $2 billion dollars beating out other big names such as Jim Beam, Activision, WWE, TGI Fridays, Goodyear and more.

The company received a huge boost late in the year with Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby becoming the fastest-selling game of 2014 with over 240 million units sold. If Pokémon Company International wants to stay on top, they’ll have to constantly release unique products like those found at the Pokémon Center, and of course, new games. You can read about all the companies on License! Globals’ list.