Cyberpunk RPG ‘Dex’ Now Available on Steam

It was December 2013 when Dex successfully was crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Developer Dreadlocks then took a detour to Early Access in mid 2014. Thankfully, the wait is finally over as today Dex launched via Steam in complete form.

For those who missed (or weren’t even aware) of the crowdfunding campaign, here’s a quick breakdown of what Dex is all about. It’s a 2D cyberpunk RPG about AI and humankind. It’s styled after PC RPGs from the 90s and multiple methods of gameplay, from traditional things like chatting with NPCs to actually entering the net to hack security systems.

Dex is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux and offers a launch week discount of $17.99 on Steam. It’s also on Humble Store, albeit without the same discount.