Xbox Support Spams Twitter With Dozens of Pictures of Bacon

When heading over to the official Xbox Support Twitter account to see the status of Xbox Live or to get help with some sort of Xbox One or 360 related issue, the last thing we expect to see is bacon. But that’s exactly what happened today for some inexplicable reason.

Xbox Support tweeted out dozens of tweets containing inch high pictures of a bacon strip to make up a three and a half foot strip in all. It was 42 tweets sent in the course of a matter of minutes and nobody knows why.

On surface level, it seemed to have been a promotion for Little Caeser’s and not a hack as the pizza chain allows users Twitter users to “wrap their timeline with 3 1/2 feet of Bacon” automatically.

Still, it’s a very odd thing for the Twitter channel of a major company with half a million followers, some of which were none too pleased about the tweets.

The tweets were deleted after being sent and Xbox Support tweeted:

Check out the bacon timeline below: