New Project from Gust is Called ‘Land of No Night,’ Heading to PS4/PS3/Vita

This week’s Famistu magazine in Japan has detailed a new project from Ar tonelico and Atelier series developer Gust called “Land of No Night,” or “Yoru no Nai Kuni” in Japanese.

Land of No Night is set on an island called “Le Soir” (ironically, French for “The Night”) and will tell the story of two girls, a “half-fairy” named “Anasu” and a “saint” named “Ryuritisu” (official romanizations of these names have yet to be announced). Described as an action RPG with a cooperation theme, gameplay will feature magical swords and demon servants called “Servan”.

Fatal Frame developer Keisuke Kikuchi and Atelier Iris developer Tadanobu Inoue will both be working on this project as producers.

This is very likely the “Shojo x Gust” project set for official announcement this Thursday via this teaser page on Gust’s official website.

Land of No Night is set to release in Japan on August 27 and will be on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.