Zaccaria Pinball Coming to PC, Table Editor In the Works

Zaccaria Pinball has been tearing up iOS and Android for a while now, bringing digital representations of the Zaccaria library to life in much the same way The Pinball Arcade does with more familiar names such as Stern, Bally, and Williams.  A.S.K. Homework has made a good name for themselves by creating a huge amount of content and updating it regularly, with constant tweaks to the physics modeling and rapid bug-squishing on each of the 30 tables available so far.  This is all very nice for mobile, but maybe getting to play on a bigger screen with a gamepad might be nice, too.

As it turns out, that’s a thing that’s going to happen.  During an interview with the BlahCade Podcast (audio here starting at 19:40, interview transcript here), Zsolt Balyi of ASK Homework dropped any number of interesting bits of information about the history and development of Zaccaria Pinball, but the big news is that there’s a PC/Mac/Linux version in the works.  Actual development hasn’t started yet but will “soon”, and while ASK Homework would love to bring the game to consoles as well, that’s going to take more investment than they’ve got at the moment.

The other announcement wasn’t so much stated as hinted at, but not in a particularly subtle way.  There’s a table editor/creator in the works that will allow users to build their own original designs.  That sentence is the complete level of information available at the moment, so much as I’d love to expand on it there’s nothing to work with.  Importing art shouldn’t be too hard but making table toys?  That should present an interesting challenge.

Zaccaria Pinball, if you’ve never heard of them before, was an Italian company producing tables in the 70s and 80s.  A lot of their designs had the wider, more open spaces that pinball used at the time, before fast and flashy became the defining features of the game.  That’s not to say they didn’t have some nice features, such as the raising/lowering bumper field in Time Machine, but rather that they’re very 70s in design.  There are already plenty of modern-style pinballs out there already though, both in terms of digital recreation (The Pinball Arcade) and all-new video game-only designs (Zen Pinball), so it’s great to see a different style get its time in the spotlight.