Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Dual Play’ Feature Detailed in New Video

Batman: Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady has uploaded a new Arkham Insider video today, in which Marketing Producer Dax Ginn detailed their “Dual Play” feature which will allow players to jump between two characters while in combat and in real time.

The video shows a combat scenario where Batman and Nightwing fight alongside each other against a large crowd of thugs. During the fight, you can see that the free-flowing combat system is largely unchanged, except now you can switch between characters at any time. We see Rocksteady’s Lead AI Programmer Tim Hanagan jump from Batman to Nightwing mid-combo while keeping his precious combo multiplier. In the background, you will notice that even after the switch to Nightwing, Batman is still doing serious work while controlled by the AI.  Of course, if the player gets a high enough combo multiplier, there is also a “super combo takedown” where Batman and partner will take someone out together in an impressive display of non-lethal athleticism.

The latter half of the video features a little Q&A between Ginn and YouTuber Caboose XBL. It covers details like how Rocksteady is keeping Gotham City alive when its entire civilian population has evacuated, and how the end of Arkham City affects the major characters in Arkham Knight.

Take a look at the latest Arkham Insider video below (Note: Spoilers for Arkham City are present).