Nintendo Announces Re-release of Certain Rare amiibo

Prepare yourselves, amiibo hunters. Nintendo has announced that “limited quantities” of certain amiibo like Marth, Ike, and Meta Knight will be finding their way onto store shelves “over the next few days”. No specific information was shared regarding which retailers will be carrying the re-released figures or when exactly we can expect them to appear; Nintendo recommends you “visit your local retail stores or check out their websites” ¬†for more details. Meta Knight is of course a Best Buy exclusive, so if you’re looking for him you know where to go.

During its April Nintendo Direct presentation Nintendo specifically promised Marth would be restocked in the near future, so it’s nice to see the Japanese company staying true to its word and also giving other hard-to-find figures the same treatment. Nintendo clearly hasn’t solved its amiibo supply issues, but this is at least a step in the right direction.