New Dungeon Travelers 2 Trailer Shows Off the Five Basic Classes

One of the key elements in Dungeon Travelers 2: Royal Library & the Monster Seal is building a party around the many classes in the game, but every character starts off as one of five basic classes, which this brand new trailer covers.

Here are the main five:

Fighter: Standard melee damage dealer, has skills for basic defense as well as attacks. With high HP and strength, they can be the vanguard of the party.
Magic User: The basic class can use all elemental damage-dealing spells. They can use the basic healing spell as well, making them an invaluable asset to the party.
Scout: A master of speed that can attack when the enemy lets their guard down, and can also steal money. Because they can use both daggers and bows, they can change their fighting style to fit your needs.
Maid: Though not good with physical attacks or magic, they can provide special support without using TP or needing casting time. The unsung hero type.
Spieler: This class is literally a wild card. The most powerful of the Spieler abilities are high-risk, high-reward gamles, so choose them for your party carefully! They can make a HUGE difference in battle.

The girls are fixed in their basic classes, but when you get to the point of choosing a new intermediate or advanced class, it’s still possible to put skill points into some of the basic class skills. It’s always nice to have a good, low-cost healing spell around or a strong defensive guard spell.

One other thing you might not know about Dungeon Travelers 2 is that all the characters have unique art — there’s not just one generic “fighter” outfit — each has their own hand-drawn art for every class.

More information on the intermediate/advanced classes will be released in the coming weeks, but check out the basic classes trailer below.

Dungeon Travelers 2 will be released this summer exclusively for PS Vita with limited amounts of censorship. Pre-order now to ensure you receive the neat bonus items.