Hear the Arkham Knight’s Voice in New Batman Video

We’re getting pretty close to getting our hands on Batman: Arkham Knight, and developer Rocksteady Studios has been really ramping up the number of teaser videos they’ve been showing off. In this latest one, another episode of its “Arkham Insider” video series, Rocksteady shows off the Arkham Knight, as well as closer looks on Scarecrow and Batman himself.

We finally get to hear Arkham Knight’s voice for ourselves, and it’s modulated pretty heavily, so it’s impossible to figure out who he is, exactly. Rocksteady has said previously that the Arkham Knight is a completely new character to the Batman universe and not drawn from any prior comic or work, so it’ll be interesting to see how he comes together. All we really know about him at the moment is that he’s the commander of the massive army invading Gotham, but lead character artist Albert Feliu Gomis gave a few interesting details about the design of the character, like how the little radio antennae on the Arkham Knight’s head are meant as a “mockery” of the Batman.

As well, Gomis talks a little bit about Scarecrow and how he’s evolved since we last saw him in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Seems like Scarecrow has come back with a vengeance, meaner than ever, and lined his entire body with fear toxin to make him especially deadly up close. Batman himself gets another makeover here, but it’s the usual stuff that comes with a Batman makeover: stronger, better, faster. His breastplate has been reworked to be segmented to allow great flexibility, for instance.

It’s a fun, spoiler-free look at some of the design of the game, so if you’re really excited about gliding back into Gotham but want to avoid plot points, this is a pretty safe video for you.