Teddy Terror is a Nightmarish New Roguelike on Early Access

Looking for a roguelike styled game with a very distinct theme? Teddy Terror fits that bill, thanks to its presentation as a game that takes place within the nightmares of a young boy.

This 2D gameĀ tosses players into the dark and creepy world of nightmares with only their childish toys to protect them. In many instances, you don’t even attack directly, but utilize traps within the world to kill baddies. As per roguelike conventions, there’s also a heavy amount of randomization as well as permadeath. However, you’re also able to level up between deaths.

Teddy Terror is available on Steam Early Access for $4.99. While playable, it lacks the full breadth of features (100 enemies, 30 toys, 8 areas, etc) that Rage Monster GamesĀ is still working on.