Sony Details Strategy for FY 2015, PS Vita Isn’t Part of it

Sony held an Investor Day today in Japan and discussed their business model and various strategies for FY2015. There are some interesting tidbits sprinkled through the presentation, such as a focus on strong first-party titles and growing PlayStation Now. The four major investments in the future will be continued platform re-architecture, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation original contents and Project Morpheus. Amongst all of the claims, however, there was one notable absence: PS Vita.

Believe it or not, the handheld console was mentioned just twice throughout the entire 87 page presentation. Ironically, both mentions were concerned with writing it off.

Sony’s struggling handheld console has made less and less of an impact in the company’s presentations as the years have rolled on and this almost complete omission seems to suggest that the company could be done pushing the handheld altogether.

Read the full presentation here.