Batman Goes to War in Latest Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have released a brand new gameplay trailer showcasing Batman going to war against Scarecrow. The snippet of gameplay showcases traversal through Gotham City’s Chinatown District, hand-to-hand combat, the villain Poison Ivy, and an adrenaline-pumping Batmobile sequence. Beware of spoilers below.

The gameplay begins with Batman beating some information out of a thug, Scarecrow is in Chinatown. Batman makes his way there and breaks in to discover that its a trap, and Poison Ivy is being held hostage. Batman clears the room and rescues her to discover that she turned down the Scarecrow’s offer to unite with the other villains to kill Batman. Batman proceeds to arrest Ivy and put her in the Batmobile, but then has to battle a few of the Arkham Knight’s tanks. The game ends with Poison Ivy being dropped off at a GCPD detention center.

Batman: Arkham Knight is out June 23 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will be shown off one last time at E3 2015 before it releases worldwide.