Gradius Turns 30 Today; Will Konami Ever Release Another One?

It seems hard to believe, but on this day thirty years ago, Gradius debuted in Japanese arcades. The side scrolling shoot ’em up was highly influential and spawned countless imitators and sequels. The series continued on throughout the past four decades, appearing on almost every console up until (but not including) the Xbox 360/PS3 generation. The original game remains the most loved, however, appearing in NES in 1986 and inspiring likely hundreds of smashed controllers due to its blistering difficultly.

While its 30th birthday should be cause for celebration, it’s also bittersweet given the recent developments with publisher Konami. Believe it or not, the last game released in the series was for mobile devices nearly five years ago. With Konami seemingly putting focus on mobile, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a non-mobile version of the game if another version at all.

But still, happy birthday Gradius: we love you even though you punish us so.