Kazumi Mishima Joins the Playable Cast of Tekken 7

Kazumi Mishima was featured quite prominently in early cinematic trailers for Tekken 7. It seemed like her role in the game was going to be as a non-playable character, simply serving as a plot device. The good news is that the mysterious matriarch of the Mishima clan will indeed be getting her hands dirty, as she has just been confirmed as a playable character with a gameplay trailer.

Kazumi Mishima is looking to be quite the heavy hitter, using the trademark Mishima-style karate technique to dish out some serious damage. To top off her hard-hitting offense, she even summons a supernatural tiger to assist her. Make no mistake, Mama Mishima is out to discipline the Mishima boys.

You can watch her beat the tar out of Heihachi Mishima in the footage below: