Killer Instinct ‘Shadows Mode’ Now Available, Detailed in New Video

Iron Galaxy has been giving an impressive amount of support to their Killer Instinct reboot and today comes one of the biggest additions yet. Shadows Mode makes Killer Instinct the first fighting game ever to create asynchronous copies that you can train to fight exactly like you. They do the same combos, the same footsies, the same mix-ups and even make all of the same mistakes.

Shadows can be interacted with in the “Shadow Hub.” To get get started, you go there to do training bouts with Jago. After that, your Shadow will be trained up and ready to go out into the wild. Your Shadow will then be able to mimic you at a fairly accurate level. You’ll be able to keep track of your Shadow and learn its deficiencies to adjust strategies.

Check out a video explaining the mode below: