Report: Nintendo NX Will Use an Android Operating System

Not much is yet known about Nintendo’s next console, NX, but it seems Nintendo is putting many of its eggs into its basket. Although the Wii U has been out just two years, the NX looks to be right around the corner, and now it’s looking to be a very different beast than once thought.

Nikkei (a reputable Japanese business newspaper) has reported (note that you must be a Nikkei subscriber to view the full article) today via an inside source that the console will run on an Android OS. It’s unclear whether or not this means that the console will be handheld in some nature (like a powerful Android tablet), or perhaps some sort of a concept similar to the many microconsoles we’ve seen pop up on the market in recent months the like the Ouya. If it’s indeed the latter, it could mean that the console is not meant as a replacement for the Wii U, but instead a new venture for Nintendo entirely.

The source stated that moving towards Android was the result of third-party publishers quickly abandoning the Wii U, encouraging the company to embrace an open platform to easier allow developers to create content for it.

With Nintendo partnering with DeNA to develop mobile games, this would represent a major paradigm shift for the company.

[UPDATE 6/2 5:03 PM] Nintendo has today stated to The Wall Street Journal that “there is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX.”