Yoshi’s Woolly World Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Stages, Enemies and Patterns

Yoshi is a cute and silly video game character who we just can’t get enough of. Now he receives an adorable makeover to put us deeper into diabetic shock. Yoshi’s Woolly World takes the same lovable dinosaur we know and gives him an entirely new, woolly look.

Yarn Yoshi still has all the same moves but it all just gets a softer, cushier coating. He waddles around in a variety of colors and patterns including a cow and Famicom system revealed today. There will even be amiibo support to transform Yoshi into whichever character’s figure you use.

Kamek is the enemy in Woolly World and has turned Yoshi’s friends into little bundles of yarn. Yoshi has to collect each bundle in order for it to turn back into his friend.┬áThere is a giant fish enemy in one stage that demonstrates Yoshi’s abilities to ground pound and more.┬áThe footage from Nintendo Direct shows off lava, ice and cavern levels. Each of them reveal different attacks and enemies for Yoshi to face.

The game arrives in July in Japan and comes bundled with a Yarn Yoshi amiibo. It’s such a cute idea for one adorable game.