FCC Certifies New PS4 Models Including One with 1TB HDD

God bless the fellows over at the FCC. Not only do they look out for our best interests for what we see and view on television, but now they’ve leaked what’s likely to be a big E3 announcement from Sony. The FCC has just certified a three PlayStation 4 models: CUH-1215A, CUH-1215B and DUH-T1200AA. While DUH is simply a test kit, CUH-1215B is notable because it lists an HDD capacity of 1TB.

The PS4 to this point has come with a 500GB HDD, which while serviceable, has forced the most dedicated gamers to self-upgrade their console’s HDD or delete numerous games.

While the 1 TB HDD is news to get excited about, the fact that a new 500GB HDD model is being introduced is also notable. The physical size of these models are the same, so it’s unlikely this is a “PS4 Slim,” but we could see new color variations, bundles or even a price drop.

With E3 just two weeks away, it seems likely this will be an announcement at Sony’s press conference.

Head over to the FCC to view the certifications.