Can Minecraft Compete with LEGO Worlds?

The time that fans of the massively popular LEGO franchise have been waiting for has finally come. The block-building hit Minecraft that once thrived so astonishingly will be struck a massive blow by the admiring LEGO pieces that will soon infect servers. Will LEGO Worlds dethrone Minecraft as the master of block-building games? Or is LEGO Worlds just copying Minecraft shamelessly?


LEGO Worlds is an open-world building and exploration game where players are encouraged to create their own characters, stories, houses, buildings and anything that the players mind can dream up. Like Minecraft, players have the option to either modify an arrangement of pre-built worlds, or create their own using virtual LEGOs. Each land’s populous is filled with many exciting and enticing things that can also be found in Minecraft; the only aspects that seems to vary from Minecraft’s ideas and gameplay is the vehicles and ability to ride on the back of a dragon.

LEGO Worlds launched an early access beta on Steam, which is also another way of copying Minecraft, and that doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone. The block-building community seems to be to over stimulated with excitement to realize that TT Games is doing what all large cooperation’s do — taking a popular idea that was not their own and tweaking it slightly to building upon that original idea and claim it as their own as they sit back and reap the benefits. Minecraft has worked its way up the ladder to become one of the top three best-selling games of all-time and long before it became the juggernaut that it is, the intellectual property started from humble-beginnings as a minor, free, downloadable game for PCs.


It may be hard to imagine, but before Minecraft, this sort of creative sandbox inventiveness was non-existent in conventional gaming and LEGO had been making games for decades before Minecraft even entered the playing field. Not one of their games, however, gave players the opportunity to interact with in-game LEGOs in such a way that Minecraft allowed players to interact with blocks. TT Games after all these years of developing LEGO-ized series off of popular action adventure films like LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Lord of the Ring, and LEGO Indiana Jones couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of their own original idea that came with the first conception of physical LEGOS and implementing that initial idea into a game that allows players to construct bricks piece by piece to build something individually unique and singular.

Should block-building fans be excited for LEGO Worlds? Maybe it does bring home the experience many LEGO fans have been dying to play for years, but yet we cannot help but wonder what the impeding future holds for Minecraft. Could LEGO Worlds phase out Minecraft all together now that a licensed media giant is entering into the field? The possibilities for expansion packs and updates for LEGO Worlds is endless with all the properties TT Games has access to and for Minecraft to simply strike back with larger updates, improved blocky graphics, or even a massive revamp of the game entirely it still might not be enough to compete.