Two Different Modders Recreate Splatoon in Minecraft

Not one, but two different modders have already recreated Nintendo’s new third-person multiplayer ink blotter Splatoon in the uber-popular cube builder Minecraft.

The first recreation is by a person going by the YouTube handle “C47” and appears to be the first on scene with his work. It’s a little crude in spots, like how it represents Splatoon‘s diving-into-ink mechanic with players just appearing and disappearing at will, but it’s still kinda crazy just to see it in action. Minecraft‘s art style and the mod’s understandable lack of polish make the action a tad visually confusing, though. Here’s C47’s quick gameplay video for it:

Second up is by “SethBling” and it appears a fair cut above in terms of general appearance and features. You can actually turn into a squid, you can play it from either first- or third-person, and the game, while designed for 4 vs. 4 matches, can be played with “any team sizes.” It’s very impressive to see unique mechanics from Splatoon, like climbing a wall inked with your team’s color, represented here. You can check out a much longer demonstration of the mod in the video below:

If you want to download the mods for yourself, you can find C47’s here and SethBling’s here. As well, be sure to read through our review of Splatoon proper right here.