New Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Red Hood Story Pack’ Trailer is not Messing Around

Despite the controversy over Batman: Arkham Knight’s DLC, the amount of additional content for the game already on offer is alluring. Like with the previous entries of the series, GameStop has once again stepped up with arguably the best exclusive Arkham Knight pre-order DLC: The Red Hood Story Pack.

GameStop already released an ad for the pre-order bonus last week, but it was lacking in actual gameplay. Fortunately, the video game retailer has released a full gameplay trailer for the DLC today. It features everyone’s favorite Batman series antihero liberally using guns and, presumably, actually murdering people. For those uninitiated in the rich, albeit convoluted, lore of the Dark Knight, Red Hood is the name of more than one character. But in this outing, the moniker seems to refer to the often sassy and very angry Jason Todd, a former-Robin who kills. There are people who suspect that the titular Arkham Knight and the Red Hood may in fact be the same person, so it could be interesting to see how this “story pack” plays into the game’s main plot, if at all.

For a peek under the hood and a daily dose of Batman hype, check out the new Red Hood Story Pack gameplay video below.