Square Enix Arcade Game ‘School of Ragnorak’ gets New Teaser Trailer

Arcade games, and perhaps arcades in general, are a bit bigger in Japan than they are in the US. So whereas it is not a surprise to see such a high-quality looking game as Square Enix’s School of Ragnorak be set specifically for an arcade release, its latest trailer is still no less fun to look at. For fans of Dissidia Final Fantasy, another Square Enix fighter that is coming to arcade, the flashy and explosive gameplay may look familiar. Don’t deny it though, this game’s got some style.

Developed by some of the talent responsible for the Drakengard series, Danganronpa scenario writer Kazutaka Kodaka, and Street Fighter IV developer Dimps, School of Ragnorak is touted to be an “online 1vs1 Tactical 5D Action” title with surprisingly extensive character customization options and a combination of 2D and 3D gameplay perspectives. The 2D and 3D perspectives are the addends that make up the term “5D”, a feature which will hopefully prove less a gimmick and more a step forward in one-on-one fighting game design. As you may see in the video, one-on-one combat is not the only thing this game seems to offer. Players will create a custom, immaculate character who will adopt a combination of the major characters’ fighting styles and engage in graded online battle, collecting new clothes and weapons along the way.

Pique your interest with the game’s latest trailer below. School of Ragnorak is coming to Japanese arcades this August.


Source: Siliconera