E3 2015: Doom SnapMap Allows for Customizable Multiplayer Experiences

Players in the upcoming Doom reboot have the ability to easily customize their own multiplayer maps, raising the bar for all players, regardless of skill. Players will have the ability to create point-based matches, classic deathmatches and more using Doom’s SnapMap feature.

You can set your own rules and place objects anywhere on the map, and you’ll be able to share level builds with players around the world. This truly raises the amount of creativity and modification to Doom fans and brings you unlimited, unique gameplay experiences.

This feature will be accessible through any platform Doom appears on, which means anyone with a PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One copy of Doom will be able to experience all of the unique content. It also comes with a rating system to let others know how much you enjoyed or utterly failed when playing through their level.