E3 2015: Freedom Planet and More on Nindies@Home Program

Nintendo is taking indie gaming more seriously than ever with their new Nindies@Home program on the Wii U eShop. That’s right folks, if you’re indie on a Nintendo platform, then you’re a bonafide Nindie.

The Nindies@Home program allows players to download free demos of upcoming indie titles on the eShop for a limited period of time. Players who do download the demo of an indie title will be entitled to a 15% discount once the title is available for purchase on the eShop, with the discount being available for up to one month after the release of the title.

It’s a pretty cool incentive for sure, and one of the titles on offer is none other than the amazing Freedom Planet. You can try the demo for Freedom Planet, and eight other titles, until 22 June. Doing so will entitle you to the 15% discount. Freedom Planet is an easy recommendation, in fact check out its E3 Nindie trailer below if you need convincing.