E3 2015: Four Devolver Digital Games Shown During Sony Conference

Devolver Digital just keeps Devolving along, releasing one cool pixely oddball after another.  Sony showed off a solid set of four games from the eclectic publisher during their press event, each with its own distinct style and bizarre sense of awesomeness.

Ronin is one I’ve written about recently, and is currently working its way through Early Access for some final polish before an imminent release.  You’re a motorcycle helmet-wearing assassin on a mission of revenge, moving in real time right up until combat starts.  Fighting is turn-based but still action-focused, as you consider who has a bead on you before trying to take out an enemy or dodge an incoming attack. It’s a violent, stylish slice of hyper-cool noir, fast and deadly.

Eitr is a combat-driven adventure into dark Norse mythology, with more than a touch of Dark Souls in its combat.  There’s a more fully-featured gameplay trailer available, and its haunting music does as much to put Eiter on the Pay Attention To Me list as the fighting and atmosphere do.

Mother Russia Bleeds is pure brawling action, where you can punch the top of a guy’s head clean off in a spray of gore and skull chunks.  It’s set in an alternate-80s USSR crawling with freaks, gimps, perverts, and other vicious lunatics, and they all go down to viciously chunky beatings.  Smack a guy with a toilet, crunch his skull in your fists or go nuts overdosing on drugs for a proper violent freakout.  And all this fun can be had with three friends, too.  The full trailer can be seen here, and it’s kind of amazing.

Finally, Crossing Souls is an adventure in the style of 1980s Saturday morning cartoons, about a bunch of kids who get caught playing with life and death.  They’re switching between worlds and the situation is getting rapidly out of hand, leading to as much action as puzzle solving adventure.  It’s utterly charming and looks to have a very fun cast, from the kids and their small-town neighbors to ghosts and dinosaurs and cavemen.  Add it to the other three games Devolver Digital is bringing to PS4 and it makes for a wonderfully strange and creative lineup that bleeds creativity from its every orifice.  Except for the ones that are family friendly, of course.  They just ooze slightly to keep it PG-13.