Disgaea 5 Limited Edition Revealed, Includes Nicer Version of Everything in Launch Edition

OK, enough is enough, NISA! Too much Disgaea news for one afternoon. First the release date was revealed for the game, followed by the first English screenshots, a cinematic trailer and the announcement of a Launch Edition and now we’ve gotten word of a Limited Edition distinct from the Launch Edition.

Funnily enough, the Limited Edition comprises of a nicer version of everything included in the Launch Edition (which is a free upgrade). Instead of a 32-page softcover artbook, there’s a 44-page hardcover artbook. Instead of a 15 song single CD OST, there’s a two-disc OST with thirty songs housed in a jewel case. Instead of a pretty collector’s box, there’s a prettier collector’s box.

So truly, the Launch Edition is now the “Ben Affleck” to the clear “Matt Damon” Limited Edition.

More still, there’s a tear resistant (necessary considering its sexiness) poster and an Usalia figure rounding out the Limited Edition.

Head over here to lock in your $79.99 pre-order and check out a picture of the edition below: