Two New Weapons Coming for Splatoon

Tonight, fans of Nintendo’s ink-flinging mayhem game, Splatoon, will fear a couple of new weapons entering the fray. The Carbon Roller will become available at 7 PM Pacific Time. It’s lighter than some of the others in the arsenal which should prove to be more maneuverable on the battlefield. It also comes with Burst Bombs and the Inkzooka to make quick work of any long-distance attackers.

At the same time as the Carbon Rollers’ release comes the Custom Dual Squelcher. It’s got rapid fire, double barrel action with Squid Beacons and the Killer Wail. You’ll surely be able to cover a lot of ground with this combination. These new weapons come just a few days before the first every Splatfest competition. It’s best to get used to them now so you can utterly destroy your opponents on July 4.

roller dual