Dark Souls Boss Arena Mod Gets a Release Date

If you’ve ever wanted to know which Dark Souls boss would win in a fight—Smough or Ornstein, Gwyn or Gwyndolin, Black Dragon Kalameet or Sanctuary Guardian—now’s your chance. Modder “DaTeHaCKs” has released a trailer for a mod that lets you play as any of the game’s bosses and face off against any other, and it pegs a release date of September 16, 2015.

There are of course going to be limitations when you modify a game so heavily to function outside of how it was designed, so for instance, you can’t just pit any boss against any boss. As DaTeHaCKs explains in a thread on reddit, the mod works by allowing you to move boss characters around their own map, but the game doesn’t allow you to move bosses beyond that; it simply won’t load them properly. You can take control of one boss and use its unique moveset, then assign another boss to be on a different “team” as you and fight it. Before you start getting ideas about invading another player as Kalameet, DaTeHaCKs mentioned that he doesn’t believe online play will be possible.

It’s a super cool idea that’s sort of possible already using Cheat Engine and the debug console, but it looks like DaTeHaCKs has really streamlined the process. You can get your hands on the mod when it releases for free on September 16.