Rare Won’t Be Like it was in the ’90s…Ever Again

With the announcement of Rare Replay at this year’s E3, many gamers became excited to have the chance to replay their old, favorite, classic Rare games on a the new Xbox One. But don’t be fooled by Rare Reply.

Amazon had released their list of most pre-ordered games around the time E3 was announcing new titles and at the top of that list is Rare Replay with Gears of War: Ultimate edition coming in second and Doom in third. This is both not surprising and kind of worrisome at the same time; not surprising because it’s a collection of all of Rare’s best and classic games when they were at the top of their game (besides the Banjo: Nuts and Bolts game added into the mix) and lets be honest who wouldn’t want to play that?

Nevertheless, its still a cause for alarm due to the hype it’s generating around Rare again. It was not a mistake that both Rare Replay and their new IP were both announced around the same time. The new IP has been claimed to bring “Rare back to their roots,” the same roots Microsoft is allowing its community to play through again to remind them just how fun a Rare game can be, but this is not for fan service or just to bring something fun to the Xbox. No, it is the first steps in subtly taking your attention off of what Rare became and back to what it once was.

Gamers need to keep in mind that Rare is a different company now and all the staff that brought players many of these amazing, great, classics from Banjo-Kazooie to Perfect Dark, are no long a part of the company. Rare is still full of creators who brought you “thrilling” and “amusing” games like Kinect Sports and Banjo: Nuts and Bolts and for those of you who haven’t been following Rare in their later years, it’s time to catch up. Rare hasn’t produced and released one truly great game by the company ever since they were bought out by Microsoft, there was Killer Instinct, but that was predominately developed by an outside independent studio.

Microsoft is only using the access they have to these old collection of games to remind us of how much fun old and classic Rare games used to be, so by the time Rare releases their new IP, gamers will be filled with fond fresh memories of the company instead of dreadful ones. As much as the gaming community would jump with overwhelming joy to see Rare return back to making games like they did during their heyday in the ’90s, it’s just not going to happen. Not unless Rare was able to develop a fully functioning (and fun) time machine that could transport them back to their bear and bird days or to any day besides the current Microsoft take over of the company.

Now this doesn’t mean that their new IP can’t still have the potential to be a great game. Microsoft could be telling the truth instead of trying to play off the marketing hype that Rare Reply will bring them. This is just a fair warning and reminder to gamers not be caught up by the hype or forget that Rare’s classic roots are in the past and where they stand now is by no means a reflection on how future releases could potentially come out. For those of you who are looking for a true Rare blast from the past experience that is fully being develop by past Rare members and a game that’s built from their roots, and actually has developers from previous Rare games from the good old days, check out Yooka-Laylee by Playtonic Games.