Yoshi and Yarny are Pulling on Our Heartstrings

The last time gamers were excited for a piece of string was back in 2007 with Kirby’s Epic Yarn and no, we’re not talking about Grandma’s Quilt Crocheting Simulator. This year, we got to take a look two big names in the yarn business making their way to gaming. It may seem odd to take a little bit of fabric and material then breathing life into it, but just taking a look at Yoshi’s Woolly World and Unravel proves how much we can’t wait to play them.

We know who Yoshi is, Mario’s trusted steed and sidekick, since he’s been a member of the Mario franchise since 1990 with his debut in Super Mario World. He’s always been a cute, little dinosaur buddy no matter what his role may be. Coming later this year is Yoshi’s Woolly World and it takes his adorable antics to a whole new level. This game features our favorite dino yet again but instead of showing off his somewhat tough guy exterior, we get to see Yoshi’s soft side since he’s literally made of wool.

The game takes Yoshi on an adventure through a world made up entirely of bright colors, cute characters and of course, some soft and fluffy wool. It brings back the same gameplay mechanics as Yoshi’s Island; you’ll get through each area by jumping, throwing eggs and using your tongue to eat enemies. Fans love when Yoshi goes on his own sort of adventure and using such cute designs this time makes us want to eat him up even more. Plus, this has a brand new storyline, cooperative play and amiibo support which brings new fun to the series.

So, yes, you all know Yoshi and his new woolly form, but now we get to meet Yarny as he stars in Unravel. This tiny, epic adventure takes Yarny through quite a big environment. Yarny uses himself to grapple, swing and pull objects to make his way across the level. While puzzle platforming isn’t a new genre, this is a fresh take on it. Unravel is beautiful and the side-scrolling gameplay is reminiscent of another platformer, Limbo, but with fully created outdoor environments based on the real world.

Yarny is truly as imaginative as something like Toy Story with this little anthropomorphic humanoid-shaped pile of yarn comes to life. Unravel’s debut trailer at this years’ E3 showed off Yarny using all kinds of methods to travel. He can take a flight on a bird, glide with a kite or fling across the level from a pulled back branch. This momentum of moving forward really symbolizes the game’s inner message. The red yarn Yarny uses represents a number of things. It’s the love, friendships and experiences we’ve had through the years and may have lost at some point. Yarny, or the player, tries to tie all those missing pieces together. Unravel already shows a lot of promise and is sure to be an emotional journey.

Yoshi’s Woolly World is coming to the Wii U this Fall and we know it’ll be a hit. It’s got a classic character, with familiar gameplay in a new world. While it’s the big name between the two, however, it will lack the human connection present in Unravel. Yarny will bring people a story they can relate to but through an interactive and entertaining medium. He represents the momentum human beings must have to move forward. Unravel gives PC, Xbox One and PS4 gamers a bit of thread to hold onto when it comes out either this year or the next. Who would have thought cute pieces of string would get us so hyped?