Celebrate Minecon with Free Skins and Updates

There are a lot of conventions dedicated to video games, but there’s nothing like Minecon to make 9-year-olds across the globe insanely excited. The Minecraft-themed weekend celebration is being held July 4 and 5 in London, England. It’s filled with hands-on fun, costume contests and some huge announcements. Don’t worry little ones, you can have fun celebrating from home as every console version of the game is receiving a huge update.

Fans can now spruce up their blocky worlds with the addition of spruce, oak, birch and jungle woods to create entirely new cabins. There are also new door, gate and fence options available for players to incorporate. New options allow you to edit the time, sounds, weather, spawn location and other features without exiting the game. There are even a few new items available such as books, stained glass, and trapdoors.

But wait, kids, there’s more. A free bundle of skins is available to download showing off Minecon capes for Alex and Steve to don and celebrate the convention with. Better hurry though, the skins are only available for a couple of weeks.