ARK: Survival Evolved Now Has UE4 Modding Tools

Open-world, dinosaur-themed, first-person MMO survival game ARK: Survival Evolved has already sold over one million copies on Steam Early Access. On this occasion, developer Studio Wildcard has announced the ARK Dev Kit, a simplified version of the Unreal Engine 4 Editor specifically compiled to create mods for ARK: Survival Evolved. Thanks to an early adoption of Unreal Engine 4 and a partnership with Epic Games, Studio Wildcard is able to bring the ARK Dev Kit right to us as one of the first custom mod editors around.

Jesse Rapczak, Studio Wildcard co-founder and co-creative director, stated, “As we’ve opened up the world of ARK to everyone, we’ve been seriously on the edge of our seats with anticipation. The amazing gameplay ideas lighting up the forum conversations can be turned into reality right away. The UE4 mod tools that we’re providing are phenomenal, and we can’t wait to see the limitless creativity of our fans come to life in fantastic new ways.”

Not to leave anyone interested in the dark, Jesse Rapczak, Epic Games Community Manager Chance Ivey, and Epic Games Engine Support Tech Alexander Paschall will be holding a community walkthrough on the ARK modding process on Unreal Engine’s Twitch channel this Thursday, July 9 at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET. Anyone wanting to jump into modding right away can check out the short ARK mod tutorial here, which includes where to get the ARK Dev Kit and what is needed to use it.