Is Dragon Quest Heroes a Timed PS4 Exclusive?

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below is certainly one of the most intriguing PS4 exclusives of 2015. Not only is it the current-gen debut of the beloved Dragon Quest franchise, but also mixes it with the action of Omega Force games. While everything we’ve heard to this point as made it seem as if the game is a permanent PS4 exclusive, an image released by Square Enix today promoting their Comic Con presence has us wondering:


As seen, the image says “Exclusive to PS4 in 2015.” This wording makes it seem as if the game is only a PS4 exclusive in 2015 and could be coming to other consoles, such as Xbox One, after the year is up. It’s possible that this is simply poor wording and the game is indeed intended to stay a PS4 exclusive, but given that both Square Enix and Omega Force frequently port their games to other consoles, it’s certainly a possibility.

We’ve reached out to Square for comment.