Episode 3 of Adventure Series ‘AR-K’ Now Available

If you’re not someone entirely deep into adventure games then it’s possible that AR-K slipped right past your radar. The episodic series was a huge success on Kickstarter and episodes have slowly trickled out since then.

AR-K: The Great Escape is the third episode and has just made its debut on Steam. The action-packed tale of Alicia, a journalism student on the heels of a huge story, has gotten a whole lot more serious since things began in the very first game. If you happen to own AR-K on Steam already, then you can nab this version at a pretty substantial 63% off.

For everyone else, there’s a launch week discount of 10% meaning AR-K: The Great Escape costs $7.19 from now until July 21. If you’d like to play the other titles too then a bundle is available for $11.69.