N++ Launches July 28 on PlayStation 4

Action-platformer N++ will launch July 28 on PlayStation 4, developer Metanet announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

The developer also revealed that the game will be 20% off for players who pre-order within the next two weeks. Metanet Co Founder, Mare Sheppard said that this was the game the studio wanted to make, calling it a “Masterpiece.”

“we are so excited N++ is finally ready for release and we can’t wait for you all to finally get your hands on it — it is challenging, satisfying, and bursting with surprises. I can tell you with complete and enthusiastic confidence, N++ is the masterpiece we set out to make. It has turned out even better than we expected it to, and partly because of the N++ Beta we ran over the past few weeks.”

N++ has a built in editor as well so when players complete all 2,360 levels, they can go on to create their own. “Every single level, including the ones made by players, has highscore leaderboards with replays. That’s a lot of data we needed to be sure works seamlessly!”