Sony Announces PLAY Summer Event 2015 Games

To counter Xbox’s Summer of Arcade promotion, Sony has been on top of their game for the past couple of years with their own PLAY Summer Event. This is where they offer an indie game every week while usually giving out PlayStation Store credit in the process.

This year is looking like a doozy as starting July 21, Journey will be made available for PS4 owners at $14.99, and a PS+ pre-order price of $11. July 28 will be N++, August 4 will be GALAK-Z and August 11 will finalize things with Everybody’s Gone to Rapture. These games will be priced at $19.99 while PS+ members will be able to pre-order them for $15.99, a 20% discount.

In addition, for those who purchase two or more of these games, you will receive a 10% in-cart discount on “eligible” items on the PlayStation Store. What those may be is to be determined. This looks like a solid year for Sony’s PLAY event as it looks to offer a little bit for everyone.