Cross Reverie is a Dark JRPG Seeking Kickstarter Support

Over the years, Kickstarter has helped copious indie teams achieve their dreams of creating video games. With that said, many of the games tend to be of the pixel art aesthetic for a variety of reasons.

Cross Reverie | The Trial of Nightmare is a new RPG project which is going all-out with 3D graphics and anime stylization. Sure, it might not look as good as Square Enix’s latest efforts, but the art and familiar turn-based gameplay make it seem like quite the impressive development effort.

It seems I’m not the only one who believes as much. During its first week, Cross Reverie has funded just about $16,000 of the $47,724 goal (converted from CAD $). In case you were wondering, Cross Reverie has already been Greenlit for Steam release as well.

Check out some prototype gameplay below: