Dontnod Entertainment ‘Applying Final Touches’ to Life Is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room

Dontnod Entertainment confirmed on Wednesday that the development team is “applying [the] final touches” to Life Is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room.

The French-based developer shared the news on Twitter that the penultimate episode in Life Is Strange is coming soon, with Dontnod calling Episode 4: Dark Room the “most ambitious” episode to date.

It was only last month that Life Is Strange producer Luc Baghadoust commented on Episode 4: Dark Room’s development, as he said that one of the voice-over recording sessions between the actors was emotionally “intense” and, as a result, brought tears to his eyes.

Michel Koch, co-director on Life Is Strange, explained at E3 last month that Dontnod would be aiming for Episode 4: Dark Room to launch within the same eight-week release window set between each episode’s release.

Meanwhile, Life Is Strange co-director Raoul Barbet recently expressed his desire to see all five episodes be released collectively in a physical version.

Life Is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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