Story of Seasons Makes For a Very Happy XSEED

XSEED is having a nice 2015.  In addition to an E3 booth stocked with a good number of great games, they also released Story of Seasons back in March.  That title has gone on to become XSEED’s fastest-selling game ever, clearing over 100,000 units in the last four months.  Rune Factory 4 sold better over its lifespan, 160,000 units total, but it’s had since October 2013 to do it and didn’t clear the 100k mark anywhere near as quickly, so it’s looking like Story of Seasons should have a comfortable future ahead.  Seeing as the next game in the series is a mashup that mixes the adventuring and turn-based RPG-ing of Popolocrois with the farming life of Story of Seasons, XSEED has good reason to feel optimistic about the future.