Don’t Forget: Splatoon’s Second Splatfest Starts Tonight

It’s Friday, the sun is out, and your feet are up. Does life get any better? It does when there’s a Splatfest on, and that’s exactly what Nintendo has planned for this evening. Starting at 9 PM PST and running until the same time tomorrow, Splatoon will be throwing its second ever Splatfest, this time a competition between fans of roller coasters and water slides. If you haven’t already, go pledge your allegiance to your attraction of choice and start leveling up your special Splatfest t-shirt – you’ll want to be at your best when the time comes to carry your team.

Splatfest’s best players will be awarded with a handful of Super Sea Snails, which you can use to add additional ability slots to your favorite gear. If you’re feeling especially confident, why not try out one of the new weapons available tonight? Go Team Water Slides!