Splatoon’s Next Japanese Splatfest Makes Players Choose Between Kirin Tea

While western Splatoon players have enjoyed Splatfests with themes like animals, music, and summer fun, Japan’s nation-wide competitions have been a little different. While the first was a fairly unassuming choice between bread and rice, the second had players choosing between two Maruchan noodle flavors, real branded products from the famous instant noodle manufacturer. Now, Nintendo has revealed the theme of the next Japanese Splatfest: flavors of tea. Players will have to choose between Kirin lemon tea and Kirin milk tea, once again presenting two very real products most players will be quite familiar with. The Splatfest will begin on July 26 at 3:00 local time and end at the same time the following day.

It will be interesting to see if Nintendo attempts a similar approach to its western Splatfests in the future, perhaps partnering with cereal or soda brands. Splatoon has enjoyed surprising success since its launch at the end of May, so larger promotions and partnerships may well be possible in the future.