Aksys Announces Family Fishing, Radiohammer, Slice it! for 3DS

As the old adage and John Ritter television show go: three’s company. Aksys is taking that to heart and today has announced three new games for Nintendo 3DS: Family Fishing, Radiohammer and Slice it!. All three games are due out this fall exclusively for the 3DS eShop.

Check out all the info below:

Family Fishing

Family Fishing is a frenetic, competitive fishing game developed by Arc System Works. Go fishing with your virtual family and battle against them to catch the ultimate rare fish!

The Big Catch – Players compete against each other to score the most points before the end of each round. Build up your Special Attack gauge bar to turn the tide of battle and make easier catches! Aim for the big fish with high bounty points or catch them all to win!

Blow ‘em Away! – Each fish has assigned points. Will you slowly collect points by catching smaller and more common fish? Or will you risk it all on that rare catch of a lifetime? Throw smoke bombs to disrupt your opponents and seize the advantage! It’s a fishing game where your strategy is put to the test!

Build Your Collection! – Collect points and upgrade your fishing rods and lures to catch bigger and rarer fish!
Please check the official website for more information.



Radiohammer is a rhythm action game developed by Arc System Works and Vinyl Lab. Play as the world’s most famous super DJs and protect the world peace with the power of love and music!

Drop the Beat on the Bad Guys! – Take down villains and fend off flashers with groovy tunes and masterful mixes. Make the world a safer, funkier place with your superior sonic skills.

Super DJs – Four playable characters! Pop music maven July Ann, 2D fighter Celica, station maestro MC Wein and Radiohammer alum Lita round out the awesome cast.

Music Makes You Lose Control – Go crazy with a mad mix of game modes! Learn the musical motivations of your favorite DJ via ‘Story Mode’. ‘Track Play Mode’ puts the spot light on your skills as you shuck and jive through a myriad of missions!

Slice It!

Slice It! is a puzzle game that requires players to slice a number of different shapes into same-sized smaller shapes. Slice It! is developed by Arc System Works and COM2US.

Shape-ception – The goal of Slice It! is to draw straight lines through a shape to make smaller identical shapes within a limited number of tries. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, you’ll be able to undo it.

Hint System – The Hint System comes in handy for those extra challenging stages. Stuck and have no clue? Fear not!  Hint points are obtainable when you perfectly complete a stage, so stack up those points and use them for more challenging stages as you slice your way to glory.

Variety is the Slice of Life! – Over hundreds of different stages to slice through! Special themes, music and other unlockables keep you coming back for more. Japanese styled theme will be available as an original bonus for the Nintendo 3DS version!