New Galak-Z Trailer Reveals Mech Mode

17-Bit’s incredibly promising deep-space roguelike Galak-Z has been on our radar for quite some time, but the Kyoto-based developer’s announcement of a brand new mode of combat today effectively quadrupled the hype.

Until now, all Galak-Z has featured is stellar physics-based dogfights, emphasizing shrewd maneuvering and stealthy combat, but the new mech mode completely changes the game. Players will be able to transform their ship into a mech at the press of a button, and enjoy bespoke abilities like a huge Directional Shield, an extending arm, a beam sword and manipulation of the environment that combine to create a decidedly more aggressive gameplay experience.

With Mech mode, Galak-Z just became twice as complex, and, for our money, twice as cool. Stay tuned for our thoughts when the game releases on PS4 on August 4, and check out mech mode in action below: