Until Dawn Gets 9 Minutes of New Footage

The interactive horror story game Until Dawn is less actual game than most horror games. In the same general vein as games like Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn has players interacting with the game the most at certain parts of the story where they will make a decision in the plot. Otherwise, it is a matter of watching the game, driving the characters forward and pressing a button prompt every once in a while.

That said, Until Dawn therefore needs a very convincing cast. The character models look great for something running in real time, and with the exception of the shaders on the characters’ eyes, they can look very realistic too. The characters also move pretty well, and the environments are detailed and convincing. With the tech behind the game looking pretty solid, it will come down to how well it’s written and how interesting the story can get.

Take a look at the Preview Code gameplay below. Until Dawn is due out August 25 this year for PlayStation 4. For more on Until Dawn, check out our write-up about it here.


Source: Now Gamers